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Scott® Essential™ Large Folded Hand Towels

Scott® Essential™ paper hand towels are designed to support hygiene standards without compromising on quality. Scott® Essential™ large folded hand towels 6669 are efficient folded paper towels for reliable everyday hand drying. Compatible with a variety of Kimberly-Clark paper towel dispensers.

Code: M05077

  • One clip of large multifold paper towels contains 240 Z fold hand towels
  • Efficient, large folded paper towels for reliable everyday hand drying
  • Efficient and effective hand drying that creates less waste thanks to the Airflex™ Technology in these paper hand towels


€95.16 Each of 15 (ex. VAT)

€115.14 inc. VAT
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Scott® Essential™ Large Folded Hand Towels

Elevate your washroom experience with trusted and familiar Scott® Essential™ washroom solutions, designed to help you support washroom hygiene standards in high frequency environments without compromising on quality and value. Scott® Essential™ large multifold paper towels are efficient disposable hand towels, designed for reliable everyday hand drying. multifold towels, or Z fold paper towels as they are also known, are designed to dispense one paper hand towel at a time. This single sheet dispensing method is designed to improve hand hygiene by minimising the risk of contamination when hand drying as the user only touches the sheet they're using. Dispensing one paper towel at a time is also designed to improve cost in use as the user only takes the hand towels they need when drying hands. Our touch free dispensers reduce the risk of cross contamination.These large folded paper hand towels feature our unique Airflex™ Technology resulting in faster absorbency for more hygienic hand drying, whilst also using less and creating less waste, helping you get more for your spend whilst improving workplace hygiene. These large paper towels feature compression technology for increased sustainability through reduced storage and transportation. These Kimberly-Clark paper towels are compatible with a range of paper towel dispenser options: Aquarius™ dispensers in white or black (product codes 6945 and 7171), a high capacity dispenser (code 9962) and a high image stainless steel dispenser (code 8971). The large hand towels are FSC and European Ecolabel certified for environmental assurance and are also food contact certified. One clip of Scott® Essential™ multifold paper towels contains 240 Z fold hand towels. Each large paper towel measures 21cm x 20cm and is 1 ply.

Manufacturer Details

Manufacturer Kimberly Clark Professional
Manufacturer Code 6669

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