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Earth2Earth BioBased Blue Office Bin Liner

Earth2Earth BioBased Blue Office Bin Liner Low Duty

Code: P06664

  • 100% recyclable
  • Sustainable & Renewable
  • Removes Carbon from atmosphere


€60.66 Each of 10 (ex. VAT)

€73.40 inc. VAT
Size 62X58CM, Colour Sky Blue
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Earth2Earth BioBased Blue Office Bin Liner

This bio-based, carbon captured office bin liner is 100% recyclable, multi-layered with less plastic and more strength, made from sugarcane and has a drop test of 5kg. This bag removes carbon from the atmosphere as the carbon footprint is reduced by 0.2kg per Kg from cradle to gate and therefore removes 200kg of CO2 per tonne of material produced. This bag can be recycled with fossil-based plastics. The 3 layer co-extrusion reduces thickness and increased strength. The less material used, the better it is for the environment. This incredibly impressive bag is manufactured from ethanol produced from sugarcane. This bag is Carbon Trust certified which approves the products carbon footprint and TUV certifies the bio-based content.

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Manufacturer Code BBE2EBINLIN

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