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6620 Scott Control Rolled Paper Towels

Kimberly-Clark Professional

Scott® Control™ Rolled Paper Towels 6620 - Paper Hand Towels - 6 x 250m Paper Towel Roll (1,500m total)Scott® Control™ washroom solutions are designed for hygiene control. Scott® Control™ rolled paper towels are gentle rolled hand towels designed to be kind to the skin, offering added softness for repeated hand drying which in turn helps to increase staff hand hygiene compliance.

Code: M05529

  • Gentle rolled hand towels are kind to the skin for frequent hand drying in environments where hand hygiene compliance is critical
  • Efficient and effective hand drying that creates less waste thanks to the Airflex™ Technology in these paper hand towels
  • These paper towels are European Ecolabel certified for hand hygiene with environmental assurance. Food contact certified

Kimberly-Clark Professional

€86.10 Case of 6 (ex. VAT)

€105.90 inc. VAT
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6620 Scott Control Rolled Paper Towels

Elevate your washroom experience with trusted and familiar Scott® Control™ washroom solutions, designed to support compliance control in the workplace.Scott® Control™ rolled paper towels are designed for environments where workplace hygiene and washroom hygiene is a priority. These gentle rolled hand towels are designed to be kind to the skin, offering added softness for repeated hand drying which in turn helps to increase staff hand hygiene compliance. The Airflex™ Technology embedded in every disposable hand towel is designed to improve absorbency which leads to more effective and efficient hand drying. The dispenser these paper towel rolls are compatible with is fully enclosed which ensures users will only ever touch the hand towel they're using when drying hands, and our touch free dispensers reduce the risk of cross contamination to further support hygiene standards.Efficiency is not compromised with Scott® Control™ rolled paper towels. Each 250 metre roll towel is equivalent to 1000 paper hand towels, meaning this rolled paper towel provides 40% more hand dries vs. competitor systems, reducing refill frequency and minimising the risk of run outs. Furthermore, the innovative never-run-out replacement roll feature in the compatible Kimberly-Clark paper towel dispensers allows you to place a replacement roll in the system before the original roll has finished, ensuring a smooth transition between rolls to minimise waste and ensure there are no gaps in your user's ability to maintain hygiene standards. These hand towels feature compression technology for increased sustainability through reduced storage and transportation. Compatible with the one-wipe-clean Aquarius™ rolled hand towel dispenser in white (code 7375) or black (code 7376), the most hygienic paper hand towel dispenser available. European Ecolabel certified for environmental assurance. Food contact certified.

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Manufacturer Kimberly-Clark Professional
Manufacturer Code 6620

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