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Pal Medipal Disinfectant Wipes 350 Wipes

Pal International

Medipal Disinfectant Wipes 350

Code: P01374

Pal International

€58.33 Case of 4 (ex. VAT)

€71.75 inc. VAT
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Pal Medipal Disinfectant Wipes 350 Wipes

These disinfectant wipes are used for cleaning and disinfecting areas such as besides and countertops that need to be regularly cleaned. These cleaning and disinfecting wipes are easy to transport and dispense. They are suitable for general everyday cleaning. These medical disinfectant wipes support healthcare institutions to achieve both clinical and budgetary targets. These wipes also help fight infection and ensure healthy clinically clean environmens for patients. They contain a powerful dual biocidal solution, highly effective from 30 seconds against a wide range of pathogenic microorganisms and are intended for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces of non invasive medical devices. These large, heavier weight wipes are designed for areas of high use or where additional cleaning and disinfection action is needed.

Manufacturer Details

Manufacturer Pal International Ltd
Manufacturer Code W623110MPCE

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