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Eye Protection

Get The Right Protection….

In many work place environments the wearing of face and eye protection is mandatory. Eye injuries can translate into pain, loss of time, money and loss of sight. Many day-to-day tasks can involve flying debris that can cause serious injuries to the eyes.

Requirement By Law….

Eye protection is a requirement by law under the Personal Protective Equipment At Work Regulation 1992 when working in an hazardous area. Employers have to provide suitable personal protective equipment to the exposed employee.

Typical Hazards

Chemical Splash - All round unvented eye protection is recommended when working with chemicals.

Impact hazards - Safety goggles or visors provide protection from impacts to the eyes

Face Protection - Suitable where the risk is flying particles and liquid splash exists, full face protection is required. Ventilation offers the wearer more comfort.

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Which Product To Choose….

Our extensive range of eyewear and accessories offer you the choice and protection against these hazards:

Lens Shades….

We have various colours of lens depending on your requirement:
Clear – Standard protection
Amber – Removes some of the visible blue light thus providing better contrast enhancement. Also offers a level of light enhancement when working in low light environments
Grey – Sun glare filter for use outdoor. Also offers UV and impact protection
Brown SCT –Sun glare filter for use outdoor. Also offers UV and impact protection


European Standards

EN 166 Specification for personal eye protection, applies to all types of eye protection used against various hazards, as encountered inindustry, DIY activities etc, which are likely to damage or impair vision, with the exemption of nuclear radiation, x-rays, laser beams and low temperature infrared (IR) radiation emitted low radiation sources.
EN 170 Ultraviolet filters
EN 171 Infrared filters
EN 172 Sunglare filters for industrial use
EN 175 Eye and face protection during welding