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MAX 450 Plastic Mop Wringer

Code: P05739
After stringent testing, new technical developments and improvements made to ensure higher performance mopping, this new MAX450 wringer has now been tested and validated for use with all sizes of mops up to 20oz/560gm.
Colour: Yellow
€161.50 exc. VAT  
€198.65 inc. VAT

Product Details

MAX 450 Plastic Mop Wringer

The new MAX450 ensures less physical wringing exertion, less water on the floor and subsequent faster drying time. The re-tooled components are manufactured in upgraded hardwearing Koceta VT702 Acetal copolymer. The cross member and handle alloy casting is increased by 4mm dia for improved strength. Suitable for Kentucky mops 12-20oz (350 - 580grm)

Manufacturer Contico Manufacturing Manufacturer Code MAX450YL