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TTS BIO Basic With Strap Tape System

Code: P05990
BIO Basic applicator with strap tape system frame, bottle capacity 0.65 litre
Size: 40CM
Colour: Green
  • Ergonomic: it is the most lightweight system of TTS range
  • Ready-to-use: the cleaning solution is hermetically kept in the dosing bottle
  • Compliant with health protocols: the cleaning solution is released onto the floor, chemicals are not sprayed in the air, as with nebulization occurs
€285.59 exc. VAT  
€351.28 inc. VAT

Product Details

TTS BIO Basic With Strap Tape System

Handle with tank for no-bucket-cleaning with frame with strap tape system. Ideal for hard-to-reach environments as staircases and a precise cleaning of unexpected dirt or combined with cleaning with equipments.

Manufacturer TTS Cleaning SRL Manufacturer Code 970

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