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3M Versaflo ABE2K1HgP Filter

Code: 031461
ABE2K1HgP filter for use with the 3M Versaflo Powered Air Turbo TR-600 Series. The filter attaches directly to the turbo.
Size: One Size
Colour: Black
€336.25 exc. VAT  
€413.59 inc. VAT

Product Details

3M Versaflo ABE2K1HgP Filter

Get effective respiratory protection against a range of hazards with 3M Versaflo ABE2K1HgP Filter, TR-6580E. Designed to be used with 3M Versaflo Powered Air Turbo TR-600 and TR-800 Series, our filter protects against organic gases and vapours with boiling points > 65°C, inorganic and acid gases and ammonia. It also protects against mercury vapour and particulates. It’s quick and simple to install directly onto the turbo unit and can be protected from physical damage using the filter cover TR-6500FC.

Manufacturer 3M Ireland Limited Manufacturer Code TR-6580E