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Bunzl Cleaning & Safety Supplies's Branding Service

As a specialist PPE, workwear and leisurewear supplier, Greenham has a dedicated, state of the art branding facility to provide you with professionally branded clothing quickly and efficiently all under one roof. If you want to place a branding order or you have any questions, then simply fill out the enquiry form below. We aim to respond to you within 2 hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm). We look forward to hearing from you.

About Greenham Branding Service

At Greenham’s dedicated Branding Division we pride ourselves in providing a first class professional service that helps you project your corporate image effectively to your customer base.

As a specialist in workwear and uniforms we can supply a wide range of the UK’s leading brands direct to your door branded with your company logo and even include the wearers name or position. Garments can be individually manpacked to ensure your employees are kitted out and promoting your company brand (needs work) no matter how big or small your company is.

In addition, Greenham can meet your promotional needs through our range of Leisurewear  ensuring that sporting events, charities, clubs and societies to name but a few, can take advantage of Greenham’s in house branding division.

Unlike many suppliers, we have a vast range of clothing, including fleeces, polo shirts, coveralls, caps, T-shirts and trousers situated on one site with our production facility. This ensures the design, production and shipment of your garments can be made from one central location situated within 2 minutes of the UK’s motorway network.

Vital Statistics…..

The team at Greenham are responsible for:

  • Quarter of a million heatseal applications each year on high-quality workwear garments.
  • In excess of 7 million embroidered stitches each year.

Dedication & Experience…..

At Greenham you’ll find a dedicated team with a wealth of experience:

  • In-house design lab with fully trained dedicated technical staff.
  • Over 30 years of badged workwear experience within the production team dealing with the most challenging of branding requirements.
  • Dedicated fully trained sales team who will see your orders through from the design stage, to the goods arriving at your door.

The possibilities are endless…..

  • From workwear to leisurewear and from large blue chip companies to tailor-made services for one man bands, the capabilities for our Badged Workwear services are endless.
  • Social requirements such as sporting events, charity events, corporate events, clubs and societies also prove extremely popular.
  • Greenham have the access and ability to brand garments from industry leading PPE and workwear brands.
  • We are also able to provide a number of extra services including Manpack kits, workwear kits, individual wearer names via embroidery and heatseal.
  • The ability to match your specific pantone or create a colour combination that ensures your brand stands out from the crowd!

State of the art Technology…..

  • Industry leading digitised embroidery and heatseal machines.
  • Latest design software capable of turning any artwork into a workable design.

First Class Service Levels…..

  • Fast-track process enables us to deal with the most urgent enquires with the ability to turn enquiries into finished product on the same day

Why choose Badged Workwear?

  • Actively promotes your company brand & promotional activities
  • Excellent form of mobile advertising that can affect consumer buying behaviour
  • Adds a corporate identity to uniforms
  • Develops a teams identity
  • Promotes a professional attitude and outlook
  • Security Element - clearly identifies and distinguishes your employees
  • Tax benefits - Inland Revenue enforce tax of 20% of cost price on clothing issued FOC to employees if the issued clothing has not been clearly and permanently badged

Types of Branding

Express embroidery

If you don't have a logo you want to use, this is the fastest type of branding we offer. The service is text based so you don't have to approve or send your graphics to us. As a result we are able to get the garments to you even faster. All you have to do is tick the express text branding option on items that can be embroidered then we will confirm the details at the checkout.

  • Minimum order: Only six garments are required for this service.
  • Text colours: Choose from the six most popular colours to compliment your garment choice.
  • Font and Size: Choose from two popular letter fonts, both a standard height of 7mm. All lettering will be in capitals.
  • Placement: Your embroidery can be placed either on the front left or right hand side of your garment only.
  • Setup Cost: There is no set-up charge for this service and once created your details are stored for future use.
Click here to see the process
Logo embroidery

This method is used where you have and wish to use your own designed logo. Your logo is stitched into the garment using cotton for a more durable, professional finish. This process is not suitable for waterproof and Hi-Vis clothing. Shorts and trousers can also be embroidered.

  • Minimum order: Please enquire for details.
  • Logo colours: Any (please specify your pantone reference when ordering).
  • Sizes: Your logo will be sized so that the width is no greater than 100mm.
  • Setup Cost: There is a one off set-up charge of £30 for formatting your logo. This applies to the first order only and will not be charged on subsequent orders.
Click here to see the process
Helmet Printing

Helmets can be branded by either printing directly onto the helmet or with a logo sticker.

  • Printed: Logo is printed directly onto the helmet for a durable finish. Please contact our team for available helmet options. Please note, the space available on the helmet for branding will differ depending on the helmet.
  • Minimum order: 40.
  • Logo colours: Any (please specify your pantone reference when ordering).
  • Setup Cost: There is a £30 one off set-up charge for the digitization of your logo. This applied to the first order only and will not be charged on subsequent orders.
  • Logo Sticker: A sticker is produced bearing the logo. This can then be added to the helmets on our premises.
  • Minimum order: 25 (if you do not require that many we can keep any spares in stock for future use).
  • Colours: Any (please specify pantone reference when ordering).

Your logo is applied to the garment using a heat-sealed transfer. This process is suitable for all clothing except fleece jackets.

  • Minimum order: 25 logos (if you do not require that many we can keep any spares in stock for future use).
  • Logo colours: Any (please specify your pantone reference when ordering).
  • Sizes: There are two sizes of logo available for heat-seal, Small (50cm²) and Large (250cm²). Small logos are usually situated on the front left or right breast of the garment, and large logos are usually centred on the front or rear.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. I would like to have heatseal branding but I don't need 25 garments.

    A. As the heatseal process uses a transfer, it is not necessary to purchase 25 garments. For example, you may need five branded t-shirts with your logo on he front. In this case you would purchase the 5 t-shirts and 25 transfers. Your 5 t-shirts would be branded and sent to you and we would keep the remaining transfers in stock for your convenience. However, the more transfers you purchase, the more cost effective the process becomes.

  • Q. How long will it take for me to receive my order of branded clothing?

    A. Generally 10 working days once artwork has been approved. However, if you have a requirement for a large order or an express delivery please contact Greenham’s dedicated Badged Workwear team so we can accommodate your needs.

  • Q. Can any garments be branded?

    A. At Greenham we offer a wide range of branding services to ensure we can provide a branding solution whatever the garment. If you are unsure about which method suits your garment, please contact us to discuss your requirements. If you have any further questions or requests regarding our badged workwear service, please contact our dedicated team